Janathon Days 19 and 20

Lots of great thoughts for blog posts, but sadly very little time. Hopefully get a chance for a more in-depth one tomorrow.

Janathon Day 19

Yesterday (day 19) saw me return to the sports lab for a lactate threshold test. Essentially they take a small blood sample, and then get you to run (a km per hour faster each time) for 4 minutes, before then taking the next sample. Think I counted 8 holes in my fingers earlier today. And they want me back for the same thing on the bike in a few weeks. No pain, no gain. Or something.

Janathon Day 20

A return to normal for me. A 4 mile lunchtime. Unfortunately I’d left my jacket, gloves and hat at home so it was by far the coldest run of the year. A colleague in the office told me to man up and out there when I moaned about not looking forward to it,

This week has seen the start of Period 2 of my training plan, and as such I needed to perform a max test on the turbo. This involves going all out for 8 minutes, twice. 8 minutes always sounds quite easy. Not so good when you legs and lungs are burning after 60 seconds!

Saw a massive 10% improvement though over the test that I did 4 weeks ago, so the training must be paying off.


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