Janathon Days 26-29

Not sure where the days are going at the moment.

Monday was a nightmare at work – we’re approaching a delivery for a project I’m working on, and I essentially had to ignore my usual work routine in order to work with another colleague to get a load of stuff done. I then returned home to a take-away and then did my day job in the evening.

Tuesday – well, I was ill. Not sure if it was linked to the takeaway the night before, or some 24 hour type stomach bug (seems to be one being passed around at work). I’ll spare everyone the details, but by the evening I was feeling ok again.

Wednesday – not exercise at lunch. I wasn’t prepared to push my body at this stage. I did however do a late night turbo – covering 16 miles in just shy of an hour. I’m currently in the 2nd base phase of my cycling training and things now seem to be targeting leg strength and threshold training.

Thursday – a little normality has resumed and I got out for a 4 mile run in the sun. I say in the sun because the weather forecast I’d seen had indicated snow so I went dressed with all my winter gear (hat, gloves, tights, hi-viz jacket). All other runners were out in shorts and t-shirts. D’oh.

Tonight sees CrossFit – looking forward to it!


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