Been a while (or Wimpole ParkRun Return)

Wow – had to check the blog myself to see when I last blogged its been so long. Time to draw a line under it, and see if I can get some consistency going again (blogging and training wise).

A few bits have happened since the last blog:

  • I’ve become a dad again (Daughter #2 arrived in September – meaning I’m firmly outnumbered in the household 4:1 if you include the cats).
  • I did St Neots Sprint Tri Events 1 and 2 – which were excellent, and I saw fairly big improvements between the 2 events (with the exception of running).
  • I would have done St Neots Sprint Event 3 (even just for the free Hoodie) but a due date put pay to that idea.
  • I’m still struggling with a knee injury, but think I’ve sussed the issue – more to come in future blog posts I’m guessing.
  • I’ve run as many miles this year as I normally run in a month!

So with things calming back down at home, a little more resolve to be more consistent in training and especially diet (I’m now probably the heaviest I’ve ever been, and in need of losing the best part of 2 stone!).

Wimpole ParkRun


This morning saw an early drive over to a relatively mud-free Wimpole ParkRun (Its a trail race, and its only going to get muddier at the weather gets wetter in the coming months). I’m also guessing its one of the most scenic ParkRuns – but I’m not enough of a ParkRun tourist to be qualified in making such statements! No grand ideas of what was going to happen today, simply be on the start line and run with a smile.

Getting caught at the back of the start helped control the pace for the first km or so, and then the hill arrived at about 2km. Looking at my watch at 2.5km, I could see I was on for around 29 mins, so decided to aim for 28 minutes just for a target if nothing else – 28m and 12s was the time on my watch (and officially it was 28m 28s). So theres a marker in the sand, and something I’ll be improving on in the coming weeks and months with some consistent training.


Of course, a scone and a coffee was the next thing on the agenda (conveniently forgetting the weight loss agenda previously mentioned!)


(Too) Ambitiously I also attempted heading to CrossFit this afternoon. It called for a ‘Chipper’ workout, which are a nightmare at the best of times. This was sadly the first time I’ve had to bail a WOD since starting a year ago – I found myself on the 4th round of press-ups laying on the floor after performing 7.

After having a word with myself I went to push up again to continue but instead found my head deciding it was nicer lying on the floor.


Future Plans


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