Buntingford 10 – 2015

With 3 days to spare, I finally did my first running race of 2015. Its been a year marred by a knee injury which has taken almost forever to go away. (My previous ‘races’ up to this point had been 3 sprint triathlons, which the runs being very much nursing my way round). I’d also only managed to clock up just over 250 miles in training this year, substantially down from previous years (and 99 of those had come in January).

This race is pretty much an annual tradition for me – this race being the 5th time in 7 years (once missed due to adverse, snowy conditions, the other time presumably due to being lazy and not getting out of bed in time (I suspect this might have been shortly after my first daughters birth though)). In fact, the only non-traditional aspect of this race was the weather – very mild temperatures, no skating on thin ice to the start line this year!

With this lack of training I had no idea of what pace to head out at. I thought I might be somewhere between my course PB time (1hr 21m) and last years time (1hr 26m), so thought aiming for 1hr 24m would be a reasonable guess. Turns out I wasn’t quite that fit, and paid for it in the second half. I suspect a lack of miles and certainly the lack of hill work were the main causes. I got round in 1hr 26m again, this time some 30 seconds faster than last year.

2015-12-28 12.09.55

Once again a superbly organised race, some testing hills and a friendly atmosphere I’ll be entering again next year. Perhaps I might even see if I can put in some miles for it!


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