Janathon 2016–Day 1

Happy New Year all.

2 glasses of fizz last night ensured no hangover this morning. Got up about 10 minutes too late to do ParkRun though (it was only a half-hearted attempt at best).

Without a ParkRun though it did leave a dilemma as to what run to do – so it ended up being a gentle 4 miles (I’d skipped a 5 mile run from the half marathon plan I’ve been following yesterday). Most of the run was used avoid the mud and puddles on the local trial route, which I’m about to get very accustomed with over the coming weeks – a lovely 13.6 miles trail route around our little city, excellent for long runs at the weekend.

2016-01-01 14.31.09-2


A gentle post-run stretch (believe me  – this is a major achievement for me – something I rarely do, and I’m resolving to improve on).

Tonight I’ll attempt to do my 50 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 50 burpees challenge, maybe throwing in a plank too, along with some extra stretching.

So thats Janathon and PACT2016 started…


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