Janathon Day 16?–I think???

Basically came down with something last Friday that refused to shift until Thursday of this week – life was more or less about getting to and from work and surviving family life with 2 little kids, whilst struggling with no energy, tiredness and a constant headache. Sad smile

Anyway, managed to do a sample run on Thursday. Headed out by myself, worrying that I might have to give up after 0.5 mile (or less!), but managed to put together a 4 mile run. Yesterday I felt much better, but not quite 100%. Glad to say I woke this morning feeling just about normal again (well, as normal as usual).

So this evening saw a 7 mile run with my mate. We normally head out on a Sunday, but hes working tomorrow so we moved it. We had hoped to get 8-10 miles in, but due to losing time to de-icing a car, and with him also having 2 little ones in his house, we only managed time for an adventurous 7 miles (the most daring part being running along a pot-holed track, in complete darkness, for the best part of 0.5 mile).


Great to get out there again, and finally feeling well again. Think tomorrow might focus on stretching and some bodyweight exercises, with a return to swimming and the gym on Monday.

Oh, and just noticed I got a top 10 placing on a Strava segment. Didn’t even know it was there – might have to venture back at some point and open the legs up!



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