November 28th is the New January 1st

With all focus really turning to MK Marathon in May 2017, its been 3 weeks of false starts.

First, Stevenage Half was meant to be the ‘leg-loosener’ (is this even a word?!) post Snowdonia marathon, but that didn’t happen due to a bad case of man-flu.

2016-10-31 18.06.43

Whilst I was back at work on the Monday, I kind of took the full week to get back to some kind of normality.

Then the car went for a routine service, and came back with a ‘think you need to start shopping for a new car’ from the mechanic (along with the bill for the service). So that meant 2 weekends, and a day during the week traipsing around garage forecourts (and meeting a range of car dealers with various ranges of personalities and trust-levels).

With a car being found, next it was the turn for strain 2 of man-flu to come along (or was it strain 1 that had never really gone away). Not strong enough to completely wipe me out, but enough to make exercise drop to the bottom of the list, and a sugary diet to rise up!

So in the past month I think I’ve done 2 Running Group sessions at work for our 0-5k groups (admittedly one of these I forgot my trainers for, and ended up standing in shirt, trousers and work shoes barking the times of running and recovery! – pictured below during a running section), and I’ve managed to get on the turbo twice (and my right knee seems to hurt slightly, so I need a 2nd opinion on the positioning of my cleats).

2016-11-23 13.37.48

Anyway, the new car is on the driveway. I think I’ve managed to shake off any remaining bugs. A final weekend of rest – and then its back to training on Monday! Fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong in the meantime!!


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