When the training starts to come good (or MK Marathon Week 2)

This is going to be a bit of a geeky, number based blog post. If your kind of thing, well grab a cuppa. If its not your kind of thing, well disappear and grab a cuppa.

Train Slow, Go Faster

I’m a firm believer in the train slow to go faster school of thinking when it comes to running and training. People who can write much better than me have explain the thinking (Lazy Girl Running, IronHolgs, Matt Fitzgerald, amongst lots of others). I first found out about it when reading, and then subsequently following the plans in, Advanced Marathoning.

I’m not a sports scientist and as such I can only give my own simple take on the theory. By doing lots of slow miles towards the start of training for an event, it makes your body more efficient, and as such by the end of this ‘base’ period, you’ll be running much more efficiently ahead of doing some fine tuning work. Also, by doing the slow session slowly, your body is also much more ready to do the hard sessions, well, really hard. (Rather than over-doing the easy stuff, and under-doing the ‘hard’ sessions).

Why Bring This Up Now?

So, I’ve been broadly building my base mileage up since the start of December, coupled with starting a new goal plan on TrainAsOne. Anyone who has done this will know how difficult this period is. People who are walking overtake you, runners you know go speeding past, and everyone on Strava / Twitter / Instagram are posting fantastic times. Anyway, yesterday afternoon some early signs of the training taking shape started to show.

If I compare 3 runs, over the same route, at roughly the same time of day in the past month, a really encouraging pattern is starting to emerge:

Date Avg Heart Rate Mins / Mile
22 Dec 153 11:07
5 Jan 154 10:21
20 Jan 151 9:46

So in just about 4-5 weeks, my speed at ~151 bpm has come down nearly 90 seconds. (FWIW, these runs are meant to be targeting 148 bpm). So a big hat tip to TrainAsOne for this.

Training This Past Week

Well, its gone pretty well but I’m afraid a lack of pictures – I will endeavour to improve!

Tuesday was the 2×8 min session at Tempo pace. This time round it felt much better, both intervals feeling good.
Wednesday saw some meeting scupper my attendance at the works run club session.
Thursday saw us bang out 10x30s intervals. The first 4 were fantastic, the next 4 were hardwork, and the last 2 were painful!
Friday was a lovely easy social run, with a big smile on my face as the numbers above started to show.

This evening saw a 10 mile run, which went very well. Although I’m still trying to get feeling back in my fingers and toes from the cold. Time for a hot chocolate…

2017-01-21 21.09.23

(Running late at night means options for photos are limited – here’s the only interesting thing I spotted on this evenings run!).

Willen Hospice and MK Marathon 2017

In May 2017 I’m running MK Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Willen Hospice, an amazing local charity. I’ll be blogging my journey from here to the finish line. If you’re in a position to make a donation, however small, it’d be greatly appreciated. My JustGiving page is here, or alternatively you can text ‘GBMK50 £3’ to 70070 to make a £3 donation.



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