MK Marathon–Weeks 4 and 5

Week 4

Regular readers might have noticed a lack of a blog post last week. Week 4 can be summed up as:

2017-02-12 21.14.46

Not entirely true though – I managed to get out for my 1st (and only to this point!) midweek medium long run – 8.5 miles on Wednesday night, and then the lurgy struck. I managed to force myself back out on Sunday evening for a 13.1 mile run.

2017-02-05 19.12.19

Week 5

A slight improvement this week.

The Work ‘beginners’ Run Club asked to be moved to Tuesday because of some other commitments on the Wednesday, so we headed out for 30 mins – which for me worked out to be about 2 miles, and I stopped to grab photos of some of the runners (sorry to those I didn’t catch!).

2017-02-07 12.46.152017-02-07 12.49.202017-02-07 12.49.25

Work commitments saw other lunch runs go by the way side. On Friday an overrunning morning meeting gave an opportunity to side step the run, but I forced myself out for a lovely 4 mile run in light snow (which doesn’t really show up in the photo).

2017-02-10 13.36.11

With the lack of midweek runs I suddenly turned into a weekend warrior. Last night saw me do a 6.5 mile run – and it was one of those runs that I hadn’t had for a very long time – everything felt great and I was actually quite disappointed for it to end.

And then this afternoon gave a rare opportunity to head out in the afternoon for my long run (as opposed to doing it at night). This meant I could go exploring the lovely Greenway that runs round the outskirts of the town I live in.

2017-02-12 15.31.062017-02-12 16.19.342017-02-12 16.21.032017-02-12 17.27.122017-02-12 17.57.36

With it being a trail, some parts were particularly muddy. But an enjoyable 15 miles, even if my legs started to feel yesterdays miles from around Mile 11.

Hopefully next week sees a little normality return to work, and some more spaced out and regular runs!

Willen Hospice and MK Marathon 2017

In May 2017 I’m running MK Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Willen Hospice, an amazing local charity. I’ll be blogging my journey from here to the finish line. If you’re in a position to make a donation, however small, it’d be greatly appreciated. My JustGiving page is here, or alternatively you can text ‘GBMK50 £3’ to 70070 to make a £3 donation.



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