Sunday = Runday

Sunday. Or Runday as its becoming known in our house.

Flitwick 10k

For a change, instead of me lacing my trainers and heading off with a race number attached to my t-shirt, it was the turn of my wife to join her club mates at Flitwick 10k.

2017-04-09 10.20.37

My joy of not having to run in the searing heat (and apparently climb a number of hills) soon passed when I realised I would have to entertain 2 kids. Give me running any day of the week. Delighted to say my wife (and her club mates) did incredibly well, each finishing with a smile on their faces – and some with a sprint finish.

2017-04-09 11.48.28

Flitwick Fun Run

Next up was Esme (my daughters) turn. They do a 1km fun run after the main race has finished and so I stood on the start line – with strict instructions from Esme not to let go of her hand. We got off to a fantastic start running a surprising 200m or so, before a walk break was requested by little legs. The remaining 800m was very much a walk, but I’m delighted to say she made it round without being carried once. She certainly takes after her dad though, grumbling all the way round with ‘This is hard work’, ‘I need a drink’ and ‘I’m hungry. Can we have a snack when we get back’.

Having a tantrum and refusing a sprint finish wasn’t a highlight of the run, but the smile when getting a medal was.

Final Long Run for MK Marathon

And then in the evening it was my turn to head out.

The training plan asked for 17 miles, but I really wasn’t fancying that at all. Instead I convinced myself to hit the trails and take in some hills on the way. For ages I’d been trying to get onto a countryside trail, but never quite managed to work out where the start was, so headed that way to try again – and managed to find it this time and I wasn’t disappointed by the scenery on offer.

2017-04-09 18.48.22

2017-04-09 18.50.14

2017-04-09 18.50.17

2017-04-09 19.11.20

2017-04-09 20.12.59

At about 14 miles I nearly turned to head for home, but then thought ‘Whats an extra 3 miles?’. Turns out after all the hills and off-road running, 3 miles is quite a bit, so the legs and head gave up at 16 miles!


Thats the training done – now time to taper! (And eat the food!).

Willen Hospice and MK Marathon 2017

In May 2017 I’m running MK Marathon and Stirling Marathon (and in October, Snowdonia Marathon) to raise funds and awareness for Willen Hospice, an amazing local charity. I’ll be blogging my journey from here to the finish line. If you’re in a position to make a donation, however small, it’d be greatly appreciated. My JustGiving page is here, or alternatively you can text ‘GBMK50 £3’ to 70070 to make a £3 donation.


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