Snowdonia, an Ultra and MK Marathon

Normally I get caught up the New Year resolution whirlwind. Not this year though (well, truth be told, I probably will). This year I’ve got in early. More exactly, for me the 1st September is the new New Years Day.

I had a slight brain-wave. Annual appraisals at work generally happen in September, and that gives a good chance to reflect on the way things are going at work. Why not throw in personal reflection at the same time. Truth be told, it was pretty easy:

And then I received a place in MK Marathon 2018 via the MK Ambassador programme – so that really helped start to focus goals in 2018 and renew some mojo! It’ll be my 3rd time at an outstandingly well organised local race, with some lovely scenery and excellent support (by spectators and runners alike).


Reading about the other ambassadors further resolved that mojo, providing some real inspiration. Hoping we could organise a meet up at a local ParkRun soon. To keep up with MK Marathon updates, their Twitter account is here:

Stopping before you start

Then Esme, our oldest daughter, started to come down with a fever. To cut a long story short, she ended up in hospital for the best part of a week with pneumonia, Delighted to say she’s made a good recovery, and just needs to rest up for a few more days to renew energy levels.

In this period, I managed to fail twice at a 15 and 18 mile run – bailing on both at 13 miles. Disappointing and not entirely inspiring for Snowdonia marathon in a few weeks. What do you do when you bail on a run like this – enter an Ultra of course! So I’ve entered Country to Capital 2018, my first Ultra, and if I’m honest I’ve no idea what I’m doing. I’ll worry about that a bit more after Snowdonia!

(I’ve also enter Buntingford 10 on New Years Eve, an excellent local race that I do most years – well, apart from last year, when it sold out before I got round to entering!).

Getting Started Again

Maybe 10th September is really destined to be the new New Years Day. With no cares about times, I headed out for what I’d hope would be at least 16 miles. I took in countless hills, suffered what felt like a monsoon and then saw some lovely autumn colours when the sun came out.

Apart from my hips killing me (lots more stretching required!), I managed to somehow put together 18 miles in a little over 3 hours. Its given me the belief I’m somehow manage to get round Snowdonia marathon.


I must have been in a really bad way as Esme immediately went and got the roller when I walked in the house! (PS. Sorry for the awful photos, think my phone got a little bit wet on the run!)


I’ve also started to make an appearance at the local running club on a Tuesday night to try and get some quality work in.

And then this Wednesday sees Race 2 in a local 5k series. Not feeling anything like 5k shape, but I’ll go, take it as a good workout and just see what happens (I somehow managed to PB there twice last year).

Upcoming Goals

Willen Hospice and MK Marathon 2017

In May 2017 I ran MK Marathon and Stirling Marathon. Now thoughts turn to Snowdonia Marathon in October to raise funds and awareness for Willen Hospice, an amazing local charity. I’ll be blogging my journey from here to the finish line. If you’re in a position to make a donation, however small, it’d be greatly appreciated. My JustGiving page is here, or alternatively you can text ‘GBMK50 £3’ to 70070 to make a £3 donation.

Many, many thanks to those who have donated so far, it really is appreciated, and really helped out at about Mile 19, Mile 20, Mile 21, Mile 21.5, Mile 22, Mile 22.5…. Smile


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