It was all going so well (or Weeks 6 and 7 of MK Marathon Training)

Week 6 – boom!

It started with 4 miles easy on the Monday, Tuesday saw some snow, and 9 miles with 12x400m repeats in the middle (hitting all the numbers needed). Wednesday was rest day, Thursday was a tough tempo day with 4 miles at (hoped) marathon pace.

Then Friday came. An enjoyable 4 mile run at easy pace, and then in the last 200m I landed slightly funny on my right foot. Nothing major, no twisting, but certainly noticed it. Ran the remaining distance, thought nothing more of it and celebrated an excellent week of training.

Saturday I could just feel the slightest niggle in my right ankle. I almost flipped a coin as to whether to run or not (no problems running, was just more worried about doing further damage). Ended up being sensible and left the running.

Sunday – nope. Limping around, constant pain. Not good. A little bit gutted I didn’t go for a run on the Saturday, quite a bit thankful I didn’t and make things worse.

Week 7 – Non existent

I took until Wednesday for my leg to feel ok again. On Thursday I was away with work, so decided that would be extra day of rest for luck.

Friday. Back on training. Kit packed for the lunchtime 4 miler. Woke with cold/flu like symptoms. Took all my energy (and multiple Lemsips) to get into work and survive the day. Saturday it continued on.

Sunday – not feeling great, but panicking about the lack of running, and the approaching marathon (and Oakley 20). Plan said 10 miles – no chance. Headed out to do 10k, but turned round after 2.5 miles for an easy 5 miler. Feeling better for it, back to plan tomorrow (with plenty of stretching tonight).

Its only a week missed, but its not half playing on my mind.

With this enforced running break though, I’ve noticed nothing but runners whenever I’ve been out and about. Can’t help by think the number of runners must fall into this mathematical equation:

No. of days since last run due to injury / illness

multiplied by

No. of miles the training plan says you should be running today


Number of runners you’ll see whilst driving around, wishing you were running


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