#Juneathon Day 5 – Nearly Missed It

After an end of season football do yesterday today was always going to be a struggle to fit any exercise in. Surprisingly not hangover this morning, just incredibly tired.

And so, at 10.30 tonight I finally got round to doing some exercise – a continuation of the 200 situp and 100 pushup challenge. 81 situps in total and 100 pushups in total.

A normal training regime will be back tomorrow.


#Juneathon Day 1–A Full Throttle Start

And so it starts. And I’ve maybe gone off a bit faster than I should have. The reason? Well I’m struggling to work out how to juggle the various bits of required training for various events I’ve got coming up. Anyway, this will become more apparent over the course of the month, best get back to talking about what I’ve done today.

Early Start

Today marked the start of Juneathon. It also marked the start of my cycling commute. I’ve tried to commute by bike once before, and I was somewhat unconfident on the bike, to the point I was a bit scared to take my hands off the handlebars to signal. With this and the commute being along busy roads it was quite a silly idea.

After building my confidence on the bike over the past few months, I’ve decided I need to start doing the daily commute in order to get the miles in for Dunwich Dynamos next month, and also for my sprint triathlon. So just after 6.30am this morning I set off to work on my bike. I started with fingerless gloves, but quickly changed into my winter gloves as whilst the morning looked lovely, it was surprisingly cold. With it being half-term the roads were nice and quiet, and there was even a very friendly drive that stayed behind me for quite a distance when I approached a right-turn roundabout.

UnForunately nothing more interesting to report than that. With my Garmin not set to Auto-Pause I made it to work in about 47 minutes, which isn’t really fast enough for where I want to be on the bike leg in the triathlon – but the last 3 miles are by far the slowest taking approximately 18 minutes mainly due to the start/stop nature of the cycle paths and traffic lights. Surprisingly though this was still 2 minutes faster than the time I did into work back in February.




At lunchtime I made my way over to the swimming pool with 2 aims. The first was to get used to wearing a swimming cap, and the second was to do a pyramid session and cover a mile. From now on all my sessions in the pool will be a mile in length as I look to the Great London Swim next month.

Swimming cap on, set off for my first length and water pours into my right google. Trying to adjust the tightness and part of the plastic breaks off. Managing to get some kind of leak-proofing working I managed to do the 1st half of the pyramid (100m, 200m, 300m, 400m) and set off against time to do the remaining lengths. 30m into the 300m session and the googles completely snap. Time to call it a day, and get onto Wiggle to buy some replacements. These are coming in the post in the next couple of days (well, hopefully before Saturday when I go outdoor swimming for the 1st time!):


Cycle Home

Last time I did this cycle home it took me a whooping 1hr 04m. This was mainly due to me not being able to get my clipless pedals free from the pedals in time when approaching some traffic lights. As a lay on the floor attached to my bike and unable to free my feet I looked up to see a large bloke walking towards me with a golf club. Lets just say he didn’t look like your typical golfer. Fortunately he turned out quite friendly and helped me free my feet from the pedals. I didn’t ask about the golf club.

Nothing quite as exciting happened this time, and I set off with the aim of beating 47 minutes. However getting caught at a number of traffic lights at the start rendered this an impossible dream. I’ve also got a feeling heading home is more uphill, so I may never be able to beat the ‘in’ time. However, I did manage to knock a massive 12 minutes of my previous time, getting home in about 52 minutes.


Due to switching my Garmin into Bike Mode I appear to have managed to lose the mile split functionality. At this moment in time this does appear to be the only functionality change when switching from Running Mode to Bike Mode though.

Finally… Some Core Training

Getting back and I found my wife in her running gear asking me if I was coming out for a run. I was very tempted but thought better of it. Instead I’ve started the 100 Push-Up and 200 Sit-Up challenge. Being very organised (for a change) I did the initial tests on Monday so I’d know what to start with when Juneathon started. Being an idiot though I managed to do the reps required for the push-ups for the sit-up. I’d realised my mistake before I started doing the push-ups, so at least with those I got the correct number of reps.

200 Sit-Up Challenge – 14, 18, 14, 14, 20 Total – 80
100 Push-Up Challenge – 14, 18, 14, 14, 23 Total – 83

Phew… Thats it for today. I promise I won’t overdo it tomorrow.