#Janathon Day 6 – Spinning and Recovery Runs

Embarrassing Times – Janathon Day 5 Completed

Yesterday I blogged before going swimming. I should have waited. At the end of the main set we did some relay races. I was paired up with the fastest swimmer, and another very good swimmer (the reason for this is due to my poor ability in the pool). Feeling the pressure of my gold-star team mates I set off like a rocket, only to get cramp in my right calf. Half way down the pool and I still couldn’t shake it out, and ended up having to cling onto the side and withdraw. Embarrassing or what?! 😦

Anyway, got home, and did #plankaday and #fitteam12 leg challenge.

Tight Calf Muscle

I woke this morning with my right calf being fairly tight but went to the spinning class none-the-less. Decided to hide at the back and take it easy. My calf seemed to ease up a little during the class but immediately tightened again after finishing.

I had my running kit with me so decided a 2 mile recovery run at lunch was in order. After a mile my leg felt great, and then I got overtaken by another runner. Recovery run soon went out the window as I stayed behind him for a while, before then deciding I’d actually be better doing the recovery run. I also got a little lost, so the 2 miles turned into a steady 3.5 miles in 34 mins.

I’m supposed to be racing a 5k tomorrow morning, but that will all depend on how my calf feels. If its tight I’ll just run at as a recovery run again and see if I can loosen things off!

A Little Inspiration

I’m not sure why, but a technical blog that I follow for work gave some inspiration to my blogging earlier today. Feel free to read it and see what you think.


#Juneathon Day 10 – Spinning

A different instructor this morning from the usual one. Very hyperactive, loud and perhaps a little crazy. Not my cup of tea at 7am on a Friday, but can see how she’d work for some. One good thing was the array of tunes, mainly all cracking Indie tunes. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten them all now.

Anyway, worked up a good sweat. The bike I was on didn’t seem to have any middle settings – jumping straight for very easy to incredibly hard. I was planning on going swimming this lunchtime, and/or running home from work, but have decided to head to SweatShop after work to buy some new running shoes – desperately need a new 2nd pair, and I think my current pair are just about to die as well.

Think it’s also wise not to be doing too much today completely aware of what I’m doing over this coming weekend – but I can’t reveal any more than that at the moment – will gladly blog though, so watch this space!

#Juneathon Day 3 – Done Before Breakfast

Exercised, logged and now blogged all before breakfast.

Instead of the cycling commute I gave my legs a rest with a dose of spinning this morning. Don’t think I got the resistance quite right this morning. It seemed to be a little bit too low and so I probably didn’t get the greatest of workouts, but certainly got a sweat on.

This was the final week of this ‘programme’, so a new programme and a few new tunes to look forward to next week. I was really looking forward to the end track when my wife told me she thought one of them was Smashing Pumpkins. It wasn’t. I’ve no idea who it was, but it wasn’t Smashing Pumpkins.

Only other excitement for today is likely to be the purchase of some more swimming goggles as the ones ordered earlier this week haven’t arrived and I need them for tomorrow morning. Think a trip to SweatShop is quite likely, and that’ll probably result in me buying some new running trainers.

Another First – Spinning

After promising to be more regular with blog posts at the start of the month, I really haven’t been. Mainly because I know some all of you are very busy people, and so I don’t want to waste your time!

Dawn of Realisation

This morning 2 things happened. Firstly, I realised Edinburgh marathon is 7 weeks on Sunday. Looking at the next 5 weeks in my training schedule, there are some massive mileage weeks coming up. March hasn’t fully gone to plan with other commitments, but its still looking like it’ll be the biggest training month again, but just not by as much mileage as perhaps it should have been.

The second thing that happened was I went spinning for the first time this morning. A 7am session at my work place was never really going to happen, with me lucky to get there for 8.30 most mornings. Turning up 5 minutes late meant we weren’t certain if the instructor would lets us in, but she did. She asked if I was alright with the bike settings, so I politely said yes, even though I wasn’t. She told us to do a 5 minute warm up and then join in the session when ready.

What is Spinning?


Similar to an exercise bike, but you have a little toggle under the handle bars to control the resistance of the bike.

The instructor takes you on little efforts, telling you to increase and decrease the resistance as necessary. Its entirely up to you how far you take the resistance, although the instructor gives an indication of how many turns, so its not really a set workout. Ultimately you can cheat to keep it low, but I suppose ‘you’re only cheating yourself’ comes into play here. I’ve got a feeling it’ll take a couple of sessions to get a feel for the right resistance though.

I’m not sure if sessions vary from place to place, but the session this morning seemed to be 4 minutes of efforts, repeated 8 times, with the resistance being increased each time, and a cool down period lasting a couple of minutes between the efforts.

The basic structure of an effort was to set the resistance to a Perceived Effort rating (ranging from about 5 and ending at 8.5 on the 8th rep) and then 1 minute of riding whilst sitting, 1 minute of standing up riding at the same resistance level, followed by 1 minute of alternating being sat, standing up (altering every 2 seconds, and then every second -  UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN – I can still hear the instructor now some 8 hours later) and then finally reducing the resistance down slightly and doing a minute sprint.

All in all, a good workout, and I certainly got a sweat on, but not 100% certain it’ll be doing amazing benefits for actual cycling. Certainly it’d be more beneficial for me to get out on the road with an actual bike at this stage of my triathlon training. I will continue to book into the sessions though, wary of the impact it might have on my swimming lesson at lunch. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be on time one day as well!

What Next

Due to the need to travel to a wedding this weekend, I’m not certain if/when I’ll get my 14 miler in. Possibly on Sunday depending on traffic. After that, not more recovery weeks until the taper kicks in. Training to this point has gone way better than any previous marathon training, so its time to nail the next 5 weeks and really make them count.

As for the challenge, Sandy 10 Mile is next weekend. Quite how I’ll fit it in around a 20 mile run as well might pose an interesting question!