Geocaching – A 2nd Attempt

Some months back me and Rox headed out (mainly out of boredom) to try and find a Geocache in her little village. We were unsuccessful, probably due to doing it on a whim and not properly researching the tools required. For those that don’t know what geocaching is – basically somebody / anybody hides a little container and posts the location coordinates to a website – namely People them attempt to find the container, and either write in the log book the date and time they found it, or leave little surprise presents for the next person. Some geocaches are hidden with just the location, others require you to gather clues to help either work out the location or point you in the general direction of the find. It can though lead to trouble as found out in Wetherby a little while back.

So yesterday we headed out to find a new cache. I’d read about the cache and had noted some of the likely clues whilst running along this route last summer. We found the 1st clue immediately, and rather than stopping to correctly work out where the 2nd clue was, we guessed at it (mainly because we hadn’t brought pen and paper with us to do some simple maths). Using the co-ordinates given by the incorrect 2nd clue solution we ended up in the middle of a field looking for a phone number. Back to the start we went, this time with a pen and an old tourist leaflet from Mexico to attempt to write on.

Taking our time and figuring things out correctly, we quickly honed in on the area of the cache and search high and low without any luck. I then found an additional clue in the description on my phone which gave us the type of hiding place that had been used. A bit more stumbling around and eventually we managed to find the little container.


Adding our name to the log book we made our way home. Something that we thought was only going to take 40 minutes (including the walk there and back home) ended up taking a couple of hours.