Janathon Day 1 and January 2011 Plan

First up – Happy New Year to everyone. Also good luck to everyone taking part in the Janathon challenge or Jantastic from Marathon Talk. All the best of 2011!

Janathlon – Day 1 Down, 30 to go!

There are 3 days in January that are going to be difficult for me to run on (well, that I already know about, I’m sure as the month progresses everyday will become hard!). Today was one of those days. Most New Years Days involve me lying in bed vowing never to drink again, unable to eat. Curbing my drink slightly last night made sure I got up this morning without too many issues. I did read last month somewhere that you can’t sweat alcohol – after my run this morning I may donate my body to medical science!

The Details:

2.3 Miles – aimed to keep the final 1.3 miles at a Heart Rate below 160. Have to say I’m really struggling with this heart rate training – my heart rates when I’m running comfortably seems very high. Today felt like a recovery run, but my recovery range should be around 145?! Another to point out is that I was just doing a 2 mile run, but then Foo Fighter – My Hero came on the stereo, which forced me to alter my route slightly to listen to it, hence the extra 0.3 miles!

Other runners seen: 1

Due to not being at home at the minute, I haven’t got the Garmin software on this laptop (or the dongle to connect to my 405) so I’m afraid this little map will have to do for the run:

I was trying to think of an area to run round with my mobile phone to take some nice pictures, but just getting out today was good enough! Now… plenty of water, but first a bacon sarnie!

This Months Plan – January 2011

I always stick to plans a bit better if I have one laid out in front of me. I’ve got pretty good at doing a weekly plan, and I plan to continue this in 2011. However I’m also planning to outline the upcoming month as well this year to help focus.

This month sees my training for Edinburgh Marathon start. Its an 18 week plan, but unfortunately the first weekend coincides with a stag do, so I’m starting a week early (11th Jan). In the meantime I’m just going to get some mileage into my legs so I’m ready for it to start – these runs won’t be sessions.

Apologises for my horrible colour scheme – I’m not the most artistic of people! The blue coloured sessions highlight key marathon sessions for me.