Slendertone–Final Review

So after receiving my Slendertone to review back at the end of January, I’ve now completed my 4 week review of it.

Overall, the product is well made and looks the part. The battery has only needed to be charged a couple of times over this 4 week period, and considering almost daily use, that’s fairly impressive. Its also incredibly easy to use, and very discreet – I got into the habit of using it front of the TV at night, and it didn’t seem to disturb anyone else in the room.

The downsides are few and far between. Something fairly simple that is missing is to have the unit pick up the settings from the previous use. I found the ramping up of the intensity of the start of each session slightly uncomfortable – I would have much preferred it to remember the previous intensity from last use.

But whilst having a well made and relatively thought through product, its the results that are probably of most interest to people. Whilst I feel I’ve got a firmer stomach from the constant use of it, my waist (unfortunately) hasn’t reduced in size. Having said that, I’m quite impressed by the results, and certainly my stomach feels far stronger that it has done previously, and for that I really need to give the Slendertone credit.

I think to summarise, I’m planning to carry on using mine even after the end of the review, which I think speaks volumes. I think I did have greater hopes for the Slendertone, but to be fair to the product, these were probably unrealistic ideas and aims. I’m happy (possibly delighted) with the progress made over the past 4 weeks, and it’ll be interesting to see what further progress can be made moving forward.


Slendertone System+ Product Review–Week 1 Complete

I’m not entirely sure where this post is going to go. I said originally I’d provide weekly updates for 4 weeks for how my Slendertone experience is going. There isn’t a great deal to report though – which is probably a good thing.

Week 1 complete, with 5 ‘workouts’ done. I’ve increased the intensity from 50 to 70 over the period of these 5 workouts. I’m fairly comfortable with the intensity once its going, but its slightly discomfortable when ramping up the setting at start-up.

I’m also surprised (or maybe I’ve not found the setting) that the unit isn’t able to recall the last workout setting and just start from that value.

I think its a bit premature to take measurements at this stage to compare to those taken last week, but I will all the same. And as expected there hasn’t been any change – well perhaps a very minor decrease in ‘stomach’ circumference, but nothing worth writing home about.

I’m still hopefully though that a months constant use with provide results… Right off to use it to start Week 2…

Product Review–Slendertone System+

This is my first ever product review – so bear with me! If anybody wants any specific information, please let me know, and I’ll endeavour to get the information to you.

The Product – Slendertone System+

As part as of the Janathon challenge, somebody from Slendertone contacted me asking if I’d be happy to review one of their products. So I gladly accepted.


The Slendertone System+ turned up earlier this week, but up to now I haven’t had a chance to open the box. Upon opening the box you’re presented with an array of components – fortunately incredibly easy to put together.


The battery pack requires a couple of hours charge, and then some gels pads need to be attached to the belt. Everything is straight forward, but does take 10-15 minutes to get stuff set-up for the 1st use.

I also spent sometime reading the instructions just to make sure I got everything right. The suggested beginners programme suggests starting at an intensity of 40 (the unit goes up to 150 from my understanding), and then using the unit 5 times per week gently increasing the intensity. One thing that isn’t clear is the unit comes with 10 in-built programmes as well, with auto-progression, but no reference to this is made in the generic programme.


So tonight I attached the belt and started the unit, giving it an intensity of 50. I could have quite easily walked around, done some jobs (or even written this blog post) whilst the unit was working away, and the belt is easily concealable under clothing. It was silent from as much as I could tell. The unit gave a strange sensation whilst working the muscles which it seemed to do in 5-6 second bursts with a similar rest period. The unit has a nice little timer countdown to let you know how much longer to go.

So thats me started, and I’m going to follow the generic program in the manual. The next work out has the same intensity as today, but its a rest day tomorrow, so I’ll pick it back up on Monday. I think I’ll attempt to do a weakly review of how things are going, but I’ve also noted some vital statistics and I report any changes in these at the end of the 4 week cycle. Early impressions are that the unit will have some impact, although obviously with my other training it’ll be difficult to assess quite how much.

Finally, its worth noting that the unit comes with its own little carry bag, a nice little touch to keep everything together and quite compact.


(Unfortunately my camera skills aren’t good enough to get the ‘Slendertone’ logo to come out in focus at this time of night)