A bit early perhaps, but 2011 in review and 2012 in planning

Somebody once said that if you’re achieving all your targets then your not setting the bar high enough. I’ve made some amazing progress this year, but in keeping with the aforementioned statement I seem to have achieved my targets for 2011. A quick review of those, and them perhaps time to set some new, perhaps less realistic and more challenging targets.

2011 Targets

On Christmas Eve last year I posted a number of targets to attain during 2011. To repeat and update here:

1. To run a sub 4 hour marathon.
Achieved at Edinburgh earlier this year. Full details of training and lessons learnt here.

2. To complete a Sprint distance triathlon.
Despite the sea almost ruining this target, this was achieved at Seaford in August. And then again a few weeks later in Hatfield.

3. To run 1000 miles in 2011.
Achieved earlier this month – I think during Stevenage Half marathon at the start of November. Currently up to 1032 and still counting!


4. Set PBs at various distances as a side goal to the other 3.
Actually, this is probably what I’m most pleased with. I’ve taken substantial times off every race distance this year.

Distance Pre 2011 PB 2011 PB Percentage Improvement
5k n/a 24m 45s n/a
10k 52m 50s 47m 28s 10.2%
10m 1hr 27m 56s 1hr 18m 59s 10.8%
13.1m 1hr 57m 20s 1h 42m 07s 13%
26.2m 4hr 44m 39s 3hr 56m 00s 17.1%

Finally, there is 1 more challenge going on which isn’t yet complete – the main 2011 challenge for Isabel Hospice. There is one more race to go – the Buntingford Year End 10 Mile on the 27th December.

So, to 2012

There was one big journey on my mind for 2012 and that was Outlaw Iron Distance Triathlon. Unfortunately I won’t be on the start line. Commitment to a full-time job, a part-time Masters programme, a wife and a new house just means I can’t commit to the amount of training required. I will get to Outlaw though, it may just have to wait until 2014.

Outlaw 2011 Highlights

So 3 big aims for 2012 are:

1. To run a sub 40 min 10k
This really might be a step too far. To knock 6-7 minutes off my current PB over a 6 mile race would really be some achievement. Either way, I’m going for it. This may be one of those goals where the bar is being set too high.
Intended Date / Race: Great Manchester 10k, May 2012.

2. To complete a Half Distance Triathlon
As part of the long term ambition to get to Outlaw, a half distance triathlon will be the plan for this year. Involving a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride and then a half marathon will be no mean feet. As an aside for this, I’ll also have to step up to some Olympic distance racing.
Intended Date / Race: Full Boar Half Distance, September 2012.

3. To do a sub 1hr 15m Sprint Triathlon
Across the board I need to improve in all triathlon disciplines. Running speed should improve as per target 1, cycling will improve as I focus on getting more miles in, and swimming is currently improving. Therefore taking 10 minutes off my current Sprint PB should be achievable.
Intended Date / Race: HSV Sprint Tri, May. Alternatively the Bedford Sprint Series through 2012 may be used to help this target.

They’re the targets – now to figure out the plan. Hmmm….