#Janathon Meet-up, Outlaw Week 9 Reviewed and Week 10 Planned

First Saturday of The Month 5k

In keeping with 100% attendance this year, Saturday saw me line up in Norton Common in Letchworth with 44 other hardy souls (or mentalists?) for the local running clubs 1st Saturday of the Month 5k. With a starting temperature of –7 the pre-race talk was primarily about the cold, and us being stupid enough to be there.

After talking to Soggous and _ed_h at the start we compared our race strategies and with me not really feeling the love for todays race, thought I’d try and use Soggous as a pace setter. Within seconds of the start though Soggous disappeared into the distance.

2 really good laps of the common followed, and the cold disappeared from my body. An unofficial time of 23 mins and 26 seconds, and a 13th place finish, I thought I’d set a new PB – but after checking turns out I need to run some 30 seconds faster to achieve that.

Another really good run, and there seems to be quite a community starting to form now. Looking forward to the next one in February.

Some photos are here.

Janathon Meetup

After finishing the 5k a very quick trip to Hyde Park to meet up with some fellow #Janathon participants. Whilst some of the others did a 5k ran, I stood with trainersintherox and jogblog minding the bags and getting cold.

Afterwards it was a trip to a nearby pub, and then Prezzo to enjoy pizza and cheesecake. Really good to meet the others and finally put some faces to the names of the blogs I’ve been following for a while.

Outlaw Week 9 Reviewed

Not the greatest week of training. Think my Masters starting again has had more impact than I really first considered. Fortunately I managed to get my long bike ride in before the snow came along, and strangely a club run turned into exceeding the planned long run distance for this week.

Another major success for this week was my longest swim ever, covering 2.5km in under an hour.

Due to the snow, todays long ride was going to be a session on the spinning bike at the gym, but (un)fortunately due to the promise of a Sunday roast this isn’t going to happen. Think today will be an enforced race day and I’ll hit the gym tomorrow (or take advantage of the clubs turbo session on a Monday for the 1st time ever).

Swim: 2.55m, 1hr 49m 
Bike: 27.75m, 1hr 50m
Run: 21m, 3hr 45m

Outlaw Week 10 Planned

Mon     Turbo
Tue Cycle to Work   Run
Wed Swim   Run (Long – 9M)
Thur Cycle to Work   Run + Swim
Fri   Swim  
Sat Brick Session    
Sun Long Ride (2 hrs)    

#Janathon Day 14 – First Brick of 2012

The bike ride was meant to start at 8am to get back in time to join trainersintherox and her friend for a run at 10, but looking out I wasn’t brave enough to risk riding on the frost and went back to bed. 9am came and it didn’t look much better so I started contemplating heading to the gym to use the exercise bike and the treadmill.

But I really couldn’t face that, so just after midday I cautiously ventured out on the bike for an hour ride before getting back to do a run with trainersintherox and her friend.

The bike ride went well although I had to slow going down the hills – not brave enough to trust that the damp patches would have warmed up enough. As luck would have it the half-way ‘time’ came just at the top of a gigantic hill. Still, coming back down it was fun.

Then the jelly legs for the 1st mile of the run off the bike. But these seemed to clear quite quickly and I managed to get into the rhythm of 10 minute miling (my outside hope for the pace to run during a run/walk strategy for Outlaw in July).

I then got home and the offer of a hot cross bun and a cup of tea was made. There was a proviso to this though – I’d be the one that had to run the 1k down to the local shop and back to buy some butter. On this little run I realised I wasn’t too much short of doing an Olympic Tri distance today (no swim, about 8 miles short on the bike, 0.5m short on the run). Happy days for this point in the season.

The rest of the day was spent eating, quickly followed by still feeling hungry.

Tomorrows bike ride looks doubtful so I guess that trip to the gym might happen after all. 😦

#Janathon Day 11–Running and Swimming

Its got to that point in Janathon where the blogging is becoming harder than the exercise for me.

Overslept this morning, but being good went to the swimming pool at lunch. Glancing through the window on the way in the pool was 25m in length (they sometimes shorten it for swimming lessons / aqua aerobics). Better still, it looked fairly empty.

Getting changed and jumping in the pool, suddenly the masses had appeared. Still managed to get a semi decent session in – 1 mile with some drills and main set work in the middle of 4x125m.

This lunchtime swim meant that my planned lunchtime run had to be moved to after work, so I headed out with trainersintherox and a couple of her running buddies. Wedding talk, shoes and tv shows seemed to be the conversation points for the day. I managed to join in and show a little interest during the talk about Britains Biggest Loser. Everyone was confused by the time from the 1st week of 40-some minutes for a 5k – can anyone clarify?

Anyway, 4.5 miles done, and all sessions hit for today. Lets see if I don’t oversleep tomorrow.

Janathon Day 10–Poor Start, Great End

Day 10 began as expected with a swim session before work. The thing that wasn’t expected was non-working arms and legs – both completely shattered. Swimming was non-stop hardwork, but I managed to hold out for 1350m, just shy of the 1600m. I didn’t complete the set because some woman crashed into me, gave me a look of death and ultimately gave me the hump, so I decided best for me to leave.

Finally this evening saw a return to the running club. My training schedule is saying that I need to remain in Zone 2 for all training and the club tend to focus on intervals and speedwork so its hard to go along. Tonight I decided I’d run with trainersintherox and keep things under control.

Tonights session was 5x1000m reps. I managed to keep everything under control for the 1st 3, but very easily got talked into going for it for the final 2 – banging them out in  4m 15s. Good to know I’ve still got a little bit of speed left in the legs.

Including the run down to the club (they’ve just moved to a leisure centre 0.75m down the road from our house) and then the run to the area for the reps, the reps and the run home a total of 6.2 miles.

#Janathon Day 7–Got Your Number

Today saw the first race of 2012. Sadly due to my on-going calf problem I took the the sensible option and decided not to race and rather help pace trainersintherox get round her first 5k for quite some time.

The decision was also helped the night before by listening to the JBST Training Podcast which was basically pointing to knowing what session you should be training for before starting – and todays session was meant to be a Zone 2 run. I made a common mistake yesterday by changing my session by reacting to my surroundings when the other runner overtook me.

Unfortunately I left my wig, moustache and 1980s vest and shorts at home as when registering I was given the number:


At the start line I thought I saw @Soggous. Thankfully I didn’t say hello, as I’d later find out that it wasn’t her.

Quite a muddy little run, definitely better than last time was some trail trainers on, and trainersintherox and myself crossed the line unofficially in 31 mins and 26 seconds – some 34 seconds faster than the training 5k run that Rox did on Thursday night.

It was then that I met @Soggous and @_ed_h_ from Stotfold Runners. Cracking to catch up with some tweeps in real-life and a great way to start the day.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning my bike in preparation for tomorrows ride, donig a bit of work and generally catching up with jobs around the house. #plankaday will come later!

#Janathon Day 6 – Spinning and Recovery Runs

Embarrassing Times – Janathon Day 5 Completed

Yesterday I blogged before going swimming. I should have waited. At the end of the main set we did some relay races. I was paired up with the fastest swimmer, and another very good swimmer (the reason for this is due to my poor ability in the pool). Feeling the pressure of my gold-star team mates I set off like a rocket, only to get cramp in my right calf. Half way down the pool and I still couldn’t shake it out, and ended up having to cling onto the side and withdraw. Embarrassing or what?! 😦

Anyway, got home, and did #plankaday and #fitteam12 leg challenge.

Tight Calf Muscle

I woke this morning with my right calf being fairly tight but went to the spinning class none-the-less. Decided to hide at the back and take it easy. My calf seemed to ease up a little during the class but immediately tightened again after finishing.

I had my running kit with me so decided a 2 mile recovery run at lunch was in order. After a mile my leg felt great, and then I got overtaken by another runner. Recovery run soon went out the window as I stayed behind him for a while, before then deciding I’d actually be better doing the recovery run. I also got a little lost, so the 2 miles turned into a steady 3.5 miles in 34 mins.

I’m supposed to be racing a 5k tomorrow morning, but that will all depend on how my calf feels. If its tight I’ll just run at as a recovery run again and see if I can loosen things off!

A Little Inspiration

I’m not sure why, but a technical blog that I follow for work gave some inspiration to my blogging earlier today. Feel free to read it and see what you think.

#Janathon Day–Running, Presents, Planning and Waiting


I’m sat here waiting my tri-club swimming session. Its a real nightmare it starting at 9.30pm because by the time it starts I’m ready for bed and when it finishes I’m wide awake and it takes a couple of hours to get to sleep. Worse still is my spinning class tomorrow starts at 7, which means a 5.30 wake-up call. Sad smile

In the meantime, thought I’d better get my blog post out the way. This one will be a serious post as I don’t want to make abradypus laugh – I’m feeling the same pain having done #plankaday for the past 4 days – and the 5th day will happen tonight after swimming, along with #fitteam12 leg challenge.


Anyway, me and trainersintherox went for a run after work today. A nice steady run with some ‘lampposts’ thrown in (fast for 2, recovery for 3). Having just moved to the area we’re still trying to find some nice routes to run. Its great in the summer with some outstanding trails, but in the winter the town just seems to be full of dark, un-even pavements. We took the option to run along a couple of main roads, but this at least meant they were well lit. Just over 3 miles in just over 32 minutes.



Today I got home to some of my January Sales bargains. Firstly a cycling top from Gore:


And then some tri shorts. Hopefully these will get me round Outlaw!



And other than that, I’ve spent sometime today trying to figure out how to get more miles on the bike in. Think I’ve devised a plan, but unfortunately this looks like it may involve moving my long run to be midweek, along with 4 days back-to-back cycling. Still I suppose what doesn’t kill me, might make me stronger!