#Janathon Day 21–Another Brick Session

A much nicer looking weekend compared to last weekend and after a little lie-in I headed out for a ride. The scheduled called for 30 min ride followed by 15 min run, but I’m attempting to increase the time on the bike in the hope it’ll pay off in the long run.

Tightening my heart rate monitor strap after it annoyed me last week, I decided to try the route that I should be using next week to commute to work to check it out. The only time I’ve commuted from our new house was at the end of last summer and I think I managed to pick the hilliest route ever. Think I’ve managed to source a much flatter course this time round. After hitting 10 miles I did an about turn and did a slightly variation on the route home to investigate how to navigate one particular section. So 20 miles, although it was windy out there so perhaps an extra couple of miles of sideways travel should be added! Heart rate was higher than it should have been, so I’ve got something to work on there.

The other thing that happened was a car tooted and waved at me. This is the 2nd time this has happened in 2 weeks. I had no idea who the person once, so I’ve text ‘Gaffa’ from the football club to see if he is any the wiser. Apologises if it was you! Having no played football for a while, I’ve got no idea what cars people drive these days!!


Dashing in, stripped out of cycling tights and into running shorts, ditched the cycling jacket, grabbed my iPod and got back out the door. Thankfully the postman didn’t come as I was doing my ‘naked’ transition by the front door. Legs were like jelly for the 1st mile but then I felt good for most of the remaining distance – except the last half mile which was hard going, but mainly up hill.


Another brick session ticked off, long ride tomorrow to look forward to.

Just a quick message of fantastic services from Discounted Supplements this week. I order some on-bike nutrition stuff on Thursday afternoon, and it turned up Friday morning. Not bad going at all, and even better when you consider that postage is free.


Sadly there was little squeaking noise coming somewhere on my bike this morning, so now off to the father-in-laws to let him play with my bike and sort it out. This normally involves him solving the problem, but in the process identifying many other things that involved me spending money I don’t have!


#Janathon Day 14 – First Brick of 2012

The bike ride was meant to start at 8am to get back in time to join trainersintherox and her friend for a run at 10, but looking out I wasn’t brave enough to risk riding on the frost and went back to bed. 9am came and it didn’t look much better so I started contemplating heading to the gym to use the exercise bike and the treadmill.

But I really couldn’t face that, so just after midday I cautiously ventured out on the bike for an hour ride before getting back to do a run with trainersintherox and her friend.

The bike ride went well although I had to slow going down the hills – not brave enough to trust that the damp patches would have warmed up enough. As luck would have it the half-way ‘time’ came just at the top of a gigantic hill. Still, coming back down it was fun.

Then the jelly legs for the 1st mile of the run off the bike. But these seemed to clear quite quickly and I managed to get into the rhythm of 10 minute miling (my outside hope for the pace to run during a run/walk strategy for Outlaw in July).

I then got home and the offer of a hot cross bun and a cup of tea was made. There was a proviso to this though – I’d be the one that had to run the 1k down to the local shop and back to buy some butter. On this little run I realised I wasn’t too much short of doing an Olympic Tri distance today (no swim, about 8 miles short on the bike, 0.5m short on the run). Happy days for this point in the season.

The rest of the day was spent eating, quickly followed by still feeling hungry.

Tomorrows bike ride looks doubtful so I guess that trip to the gym might happen after all. 😦