Letchworth Cross Country 2011


I love the thought of running through England’s lovely countryside. Being at one with nature and all that. And today was a lovely autumn day, slightly breezy but with a gorgeous sunshine. Lining up at the start with 500 odd other runners, this was the life. (Admittedly a slightly cloudy head from 8 beers last night might not have made this ‘the life’ but it was pretty darn close).

Half a mile in and the pain in my legs and lungs reminded me why I hate cross country. This being at one with nature soon went out the window as I cursed and swore my way round the rest of the course, with hills appearing from nowhere, along with those looming in the distance.

In all honesty, it maybe wasn’t quite as bad as all that. Some enjoyable ‘mini’ races on the course made it very challenging, and I crossed the finish line with maybe a little more than expected in the tank. Still, now I know the course and I’ve got a target to beat for next year. 4.6 miles in 36mins 09secs.

The Course


Course Profile


Mile Splits


Still, 2nd ever cross country and trainers still appear to be far cleaner than I’d expect to them to be!