#Janathon Day 24–WinterSwim and Intervals

This lunchtime was a return to the pool. The planned session coincided nicely with a 1 mile WinterSwim effort (planned session was a straight 1 mile swim). A few seconds could be knocked off with having to chop and change lanes a couple of times and someone not letting me past. So 1 mile in 38 minutes dead. Only later would I find out that the WinterSwim effort was actually only for 1500m. A quick look at my splits shows that the 1500m was done in 35m 40s. Delighted with this – if I can improve my endurance and keep this pace, I’m looking (wishfully!) at a 1hr 30m swim for the Outlaw. I’m under no illusions though – that is a very big IF!

This evening was a return to the running club. 2 session were on offer – either 600m repeats, or 400m repeats. Neither sounded that appealing, but I found myself drifting towards the 400m squad, and actually quite enjoyed it. Think the slowest split was 1m 32s. Including warm-up and warm-down meant a total of 5.72 miles this evening.

I’ve also signed up at the running club to help out with the beginners squad and also expressed an interest in the Leaders for Running and Fitness qualification.

Alongside #fitteam12 and #plankaday today has left me knackered. My better food wise though, so happy days.

Finally came across this video this afternoon. Apologises to whoever passed it my way, I can’t remember who did. Anybody doing a marathon later this year, you’ve got this to look forward to.


Janathon Day 19–Swimming Fitness

So today saw a little return to normality with the exam out the way and a bit of focus on normal work that I actually get paid for. Then this evening was my triathlon clubs weekly swim session – and a tough one at that. The main set 2x (3x300m). I was so far behind though at a couple of points that 2 of the sets were reduced to 250m. With the warm-up and some drills that turned into 1975m – if only I’d known, I would have swum the extra length to make it 2k.

One thing I have learnt tonight about my swim though is I’ve got a dead spot when my arm comes back to enter the water. Rather than driving my arm into the water and pulling back immediately I rest my hand on top of the water for a second. I say I’ve learnt this tonight – but that isn’t really the case. I was shown it 2 months ago and thought I may have corrected it, but nope – I haven’t. After focusing on it and swimming much better I asked the coach how I can continue doing it (because its really quite tiring!) and the simple reply came back – ‘swim fitness’. Blast. Anyone know a short-cut?

Came back to home to do #legchallenge which completely killed, and then a 1 minute plank for #plankaday.

#Janathon Day 12 – WinterSwim


I really didn’t fancy this swim today. I had originally planned to go to my tri clubs swim session this evening, but a couple of beers with friends is on the table for tonight and so this lunchtime I had the option of either swimming or running for Janathon. This does of course ruin the Level 1 Challenge of #drychallenge for January’s #fitteam12 for me, but I very rarely drink at the best of times, so I’m really not too fussed.

Looking at the pool timetable it showed 25m lanes, and so the decision was made. Plus I needed to record an 800m time for this round of WinterSwim.

Every swim session this week has seen me puffing and panting. My arms have been aching and not really responding. So to consider an 800m effort today was just stupid, and I started expecting the worst. However once I got going everything didn’t seem too bad. I managed to blag a lane to myself and nobody joined me until about 350m had passed. Even then though the couple of people that did come in were very good and got out the way when necessary, and I only got stuck behind them for 2 lengths. Whilst I think this may have slowed me slightly, I think it probably also let me grab my breath as well, so it worked both ways probably.

Finishing I glanced at my watch. It started with an 18. Unbelievable. For a while now I’ve had a made up goal of being able to swim 40 minute miles in time for Outlaw in July. If (and its a very big IF!) I could hold a similar pace to this, it could be as low as 36 minutes. Still plenty of work to do, but at least some light at the end of the tunnel – which there hasn’t been with me and swimming for quite sometime.

Great Eastern Swim

This week I’ve been looking at events to enter, and I really enjoyed the Great London Swim in 2011 but unfortunately it clashes with the Great Manchester Run this year so I’m not able to do it. I have however come across The Great East Swim and am planning to enter the 2 mile race. Anybody done this event before? Anybody planning to do it this year? I thought abradypus had done it, but I couldn’t find anything on their blog.

#Janathon Day 11–Running and Swimming

Its got to that point in Janathon where the blogging is becoming harder than the exercise for me.

Overslept this morning, but being good went to the swimming pool at lunch. Glancing through the window on the way in the pool was 25m in length (they sometimes shorten it for swimming lessons / aqua aerobics). Better still, it looked fairly empty.

Getting changed and jumping in the pool, suddenly the masses had appeared. Still managed to get a semi decent session in – 1 mile with some drills and main set work in the middle of 4x125m.

This lunchtime swim meant that my planned lunchtime run had to be moved to after work, so I headed out with trainersintherox and a couple of her running buddies. Wedding talk, shoes and tv shows seemed to be the conversation points for the day. I managed to join in and show a little interest during the talk about Britains Biggest Loser. Everyone was confused by the time from the 1st week of 40-some minutes for a 5k – can anyone clarify?

Anyway, 4.5 miles done, and all sessions hit for today. Lets see if I don’t oversleep tomorrow.

Janathon Day 10–Poor Start, Great End

Day 10 began as expected with a swim session before work. The thing that wasn’t expected was non-working arms and legs – both completely shattered. Swimming was non-stop hardwork, but I managed to hold out for 1350m, just shy of the 1600m. I didn’t complete the set because some woman crashed into me, gave me a look of death and ultimately gave me the hump, so I decided best for me to leave.

Finally this evening saw a return to the running club. My training schedule is saying that I need to remain in Zone 2 for all training and the club tend to focus on intervals and speedwork so its hard to go along. Tonight I decided I’d run with trainersintherox and keep things under control.

Tonights session was 5x1000m reps. I managed to keep everything under control for the 1st 3, but very easily got talked into going for it for the final 2 – banging them out in  4m 15s. Good to know I’ve still got a little bit of speed left in the legs.

Including the run down to the club (they’ve just moved to a leisure centre 0.75m down the road from our house) and then the run to the area for the reps, the reps and the run home a total of 6.2 miles.

#Janathon Day 4–Working Alarm Clocks & Busy Gyms

So this morning the alarm went off and I woke up. Admittedly I pressed Snooze for half an hour, but hey, still got to the swimming pool in time for a straight 1 mile swim.

One thing I really don’t understand about swimming is today I did 1 mile with full bi-lateral breathing and everything felt so much smoother and faster than almost any other swim I’ve ever done. So I at the end I looked at my watch to see 44 minutes. Last time I did a straight mile swim it took 43 minutes?!

Then at lunch I headed to the gym to sit on the exercise bike, but with it being January the gym was packed and there were no spare bikes. Managed to get on 1 for about 20 minutes. I did a fitness test on it, which just seemed to involve the resistance increasing and increasing. Still at the end it said I was in the top 100 percentile for my age group. I reported the machine as being broken.

With the gym being packed, and me questioning just how beneficial cycling on an exercise bike is, I started to research our local CTC. Turns out they do a Wednesday night ride. Now I’ve just got to remember where I put my bike lights, I’m sure I put them somewhere safe. Very safe. If you were a set of bike lights, where would you have been hibernating for the past 6 months?

Also, I’m intending to attend the #Janathon meet-up in February – who else is up for it?

#Janathon Day 3–Alarms Clocks and Late Starts


And so it ends. The Christmas break that is, and some kind of return to normality. No more mince pies (well, actually I think there are some in the cupboard), no more Quality Street (even I can’t bring myself to eat the coconut ones) and worse of all (well, best of all since my boss sometimes reads this!) a return to work.

My alarm clock was set for 5.40am so I could get to the pool for this mornings swim session. It went off I opened my eyes and switched it off, safe in the knowledge another would go off in 5 minutes time. That 5 minutes changed to be an hour and a half later – the 2nd alarm hadn’t been set. Still, I at least got to work early if nothing else.

As for exercise, well the swim changed to lunchtime and ended up being 1km instead of 1 mile. I also did my 400m time for #winterswim. Some weeks back I recorded a time of 9m 25s for 400m, but since then had been swimming regularly and really felt like improvements were being made. My 400m time today – 9m 26s. Ah well.

Then tonight, got in from work, straight into running clothes and out for a 3.6m run. I’m meant to be running in Zone 2 at the moment, but didn’t wear my Heart Rate Monitor and think I pushed it a bit too much tonight. Ah well.

Then in through the door to do the #fitteam12 legs challenge (10 squats, 10 lunges, 8-8, 6-6, 4-4, 2-2, 4-4, 6-6, 8-8, 10-10) and then #plankaday for 60 seconds. I should really do the next day of the #pushup challenge and the #situp challenge, but might wait for the Eastenders theme tune.

Finally, think tonight signals the start of ITV’s Biggest Loser. I don’t know why but I really like this show. I’ve already Sky+’d it. Normally I hate reality tv style shows, but for some reason I’m really looking forward to this one.